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How much money does Texas spend on construction per year?


The National Association of Home Builders estimates that home construction costs approximately 60% of the final resale price.

Source: National Association of Home Builders

How much insurance is a contractor required to carry for you protection?


$1,000,000 each accident for bodily injury by accident; $1,000,000 each employee for bodily injury by disease; $1,000,000 policy limit for bodily injury by disease.

Source: International Risk Management Institute

What is the number one cause of fires in a home?


U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 358,300 home structure fires per year during 2010-2014, which represents three-quarters of all structure fires. Home fires caused an annual average of:

  • 2,560 civilian fire deaths, or 93% of all civilian structure fire deaths,
  • 12,720 civilian fire injuries, or 87% of all civilian structure fire injuries, and
  • $6.7 billion in direct damage, or 69% of total direct damage in structure fires.

Cooking equipment was the leading cause of home structure fires and home fire injuries and ties with heating as the second leading cause of home fire deaths.Smoking was the leading cause of civilian home fire deaths. Heating equipment was the second most common cause of home fires, fire deaths, (tied with cooking), and fire injuries.

Source: National Fire Protection Association

Where do the majority of fires occur? 

Residential – 29.1%

Nonresidential – 8.3%

Vehicle – 14.3%

Outside – 42.8%

Other – 5.6%

Source: US Fire Administration